Soccer Season

Monday, June 19, 2017

Jude was a great teammate and good sport for his first season of soccer. He was definitely the least advanced on his team, but he didn't let that bring him down. We were so proud of Jude's positive energy, enthusiasm and effort. He was happy when his team made a score and didn't care that it wasn't his own, which showed huge growth for Jude. A child who doesn't skip a beat and notices more than most of the adults around him, combined with a personality filled with intense emotions and often times quick to become frustrated, being the rookie on the soccer team could have been a miserable situation for everyone. Fortunately, it was anything but. I saw a side of Jude I hadn't ever seen before - he was happy about it all (especially the gatorade) and oblivious to it all. It was certainly more than about the game of soccer. His coach, a dad of a friend from Jude's preschool, was as easy going and encouraging as could be and wanted Jude to score his first goal probably more than anyone. The second to the last game of the season it was like the clouds opened and a few kids fell down and the ball was in front of Jude and the goal was in front of the ball and Jude made his first goal! We were all so happy for him but I was especially happy that his first goal was enough for him - he wasn't greedy for more goals and he didn't whine and complain about even wanting a goal in the first place. Jude was merely happy to be a part of a team and everything else was icing on the cake.


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