Halloween 2016

Monday, May 15, 2017

Jude was a skeleton and Margot wanted to be a fairy. I made Margot's skirt from tying pieces of tulle to a long ribbon after watching a video on YouTube. It was easy enough. Margot was very shy at the preschool parade, as one can tell in the photos. Jude, on the other hand, was quite excited to go to school in his costume (Kindergartens are the only grade allowed to wear costumes to school, for whatever reason), but did not want to be a "naked skeleton." We had a hard time convincing him that no one could tell what he was if he was covering his costume with clothing. I think he wanted to be like the hitch-hiking ghosts on the Haunted Mansion ride at Disneyland, despite being too afraid to go on the ride when were there.

We also decided to skip the annual meltdown at Bate Nut Farms this year and instead got a free pumpkin (or as many as could fit in our car because they had way too many) the weekend before Halloween. The kids enjoyed a mellow outing with a balloon man, face painting and a costume contest, that Jude was bummed he didn't win, which wasn't too surprising to us, since to the untrained eye he really only looked like he was wearing regular clothing and a skeleton mask. Margot chose not to dress up for the "Pumpkin Patch."

On Halloween night I made salted caramel to be dipped in sour green apples and tomato barley soup with subpar grilled cheese. Jude and Margot enjoyed trick-or-treating and collecting candy and if I remember correctly, somehow managed to get their trade in toy before Halloween. All but a handful of their candy went to the office the next week with Chris. Overall I think (having a hard time remembering completely) Halloween was fairy mellow and mostly successful.


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