A letter to Margot on her 3rd Birthday

Monday, August 29, 2016

Margot My Darling, 

Three years old! My baby mama is three years old! I can’t believe it. At three you are sweet, sassy, clever and curious. You have definitely entered the why stage. “Why, dis, Mama? Why, dat, Mama?” You are extremely observant, especially when it comes to women. You asked the doctor at your three year check-up, why she wasn’t wearing gloves. I think the doctor was taken back. You especially notice women’s clothing and grooming and on a daily basis ask for lipstick and want your nails painted. You have even put on your one piece swimsuit and declared it you, “ba,” aka bra. When it comes to getting dressed you pretty much can not be told what to wear. You come up with your own outfits and change outfits and costumes at least a half dozen times a day. You are sensible in your fashion and comfort triumphs all. Soft cotton dress, leggings and plain tops are your go-to. You even wanted to return the Cinderella dress you so badly wanted for your birthday this year because it was too itchy. You also like to pull your socks up as high as they go, all the way to your knees. Perhaps this season we will get you some knee high socks. 

 You are still sweet but also a little sassy. With all those whys, you now have the information to argue back. In a very different way from Jude, you have a very good memory and forget very little of what you have been told. I will be willing to bet that you will be very “street smart” as an adult. Though, sometimes you choose not to listen at all and ignore what has been asked of you and very often you learn things the hard way. You are definitely in the pushing the limits stage, which looks very different than it did for your brother. You are very independent and you see no reason why you can’t do things yourself or help yourself to things. It drives me a bit crazy actually, that I will turn around and you will have climbed onto the counter and gotten your toothbrush and toothpaste out of the medicine cabinet, or you will wake up in the morning a turn on a movie for you and your brother or you will climb on the kitchen counter and sample dinner and so on. From getting dressed by yourself to buckling your own carseat, everything you want to do yourself, without help. And without asking. This is very much the opposite of your brother. 

You are potty trained, and sleep in a twin bed. You are pretty much done with napping, minus the occasional nap, otherwise you won’t go to bed at night. You are still the crappiest sleeper and have a hard time going to sleep and staying asleep. One of your parents (usually me) sits in your room in the dark every night, sometimes for over an hour, as you try to go to sleep. You often wake up in the middle of the night and never sleep in.

You still have an healthy appetite and are an excellent eater. You never over eat, but you love your food and are hungry at mealtime. Usually you are the first one at the dinner table. Your favorite foods are lasagna and tuna. Dessert is never forgotten. A dish of chocolate chips is your current favorite. 

You love going to school and are loved by your teachers and friends. You bring stickers to preschool for “circle time” and get to sit on the teacher’s spot and pass them out, as if you are the teacher. Clearly you are already into pretend play, which you also engage in often with your brother. You guys hunt for owls, play school, play superhero, play doctor and house. Your fine motor skills are excellent and you do well with holding a pen, playing with small legos and everything else. You are also quick on your scooter and love riding your new big bike with training wheels that you got for your birthday. You are coordinated and can kick and throw a ball well. You can jump high and hold onto the monkey bars, which is more than the rest of us can say for ourselves. You loved watching the Summer Olympics this year and had many moment of pretending you were a diver or gymnast. 

You are strong-willed, tricky, smart and pretty. You look up to your brother and love to push his buttons. The two of you are constantly battling, but you also are best friends. You love music, going on adventures and spending time with the people you love. You are a happy little girl and I hope you stay that way for the rest of your life!

Happy 3rd Birthday Margot!

Love, Mama


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