You're Five Years Old, Say What!

Sunday, June 5, 2016

Five years old! How does the time go by so quickly and so slowly at the very same time. I didn't know where to begin so I read about you at four to see how you have changed and grown over the past year. Though much of you sounds the same as your four year old self, I must say you have really matured this past year. You still love many of the things you loved when you were four but now you have a bit more maturity about it all. You have become more reasonable and more in control of your emotions. You are much more understanding, and the irrational outbursts are far and few between. You have always been very in tune with others and this is still very true. When you play with Margot and see that she is unhappy about something you have the ability to step in and make things better, suggest a reasonable compromise or a solution to fix the problem. A solution that sounds right out of the mouth of an adult. I often see you cave to your sister - give up the toy that you want or the color option you like best or going first to keep the peace with Margot and the situation. And this is why I say that you have really matured this past year.

At the same time, you also have the ability to egg your sister on get her goat just because. Right now everything is a competition. Everything! I think in the car ride today you even said, "Oh look a red truck. It is on my side and not your side." And Margot's response was, "Well, well, I have a car and white truck on my side." I have more. I have the biggest. Often a competition. And a few months ago you picked up the phrase, "You may be older, but I am smarter." Or something like that.

But for all of the time that you and your sister bicker and banter and you play well together and are happy to have each other. You play imaginative games for hours and love to move all of the contents from your bedrooms to the living room or into each other's rooms. You will go owl hunting or set up a pretend house. You both also love to sing and listen to music and you continue to impress us with how well you learn lyrics and tunes to songs. You like your music, that is for sure.

Other things you like to do: You love going to the beach and can spend hours happily playing in the sand, you like to go swimming in the pool and are becoming more and more confident in the water. You received small legos for your birthday this year and now go strait to your room to play with them when you come home from school. You like a variety of TV programing, some is educational and some is not, but you definitely seem to watch less and less TV these days. You love holidays - Easter, Christmas, Halloween and birthdays. I was very happy and proud of you this year at Easter. You told me that you were looking forward to Easter because you wanted to dye eggs and spend time with your family and didn't mention anything about getting something new. You enjoyed looking for eggs, appreciated your new Easter clothes and was happy to have a small basket of goodies but wasn't your blindsided focus as it has been in the past. Again, it showed that you are maturing. You love looking at and studying books and being red to. Before bed you listen to chapter books that your Dad reads to you. You love going out on adventures and doing new things and you also like relaxing at home, playing in your room or watching a movie on the couch. This year for Christmas you got a new red bike and within a couple of days was riding it without training wheels. You tell us that you don't love school, but I think that you do. I think you learn a lot and enjoy spending time with your friends. The other day when I was leaving school I saw you out on the playground and a little girl was holding your hand. I could tell she was holding your hand, not the other way around. You love learning about bugs and animals and tell us many interesting facts about nature and things we didn't even know. You often start with, "Did you know...?" You have been in the same classroom for more than two years and we are excited and nervous to see what the year of kindergarten looks like ahead.

Unlike your sister you are Honest Abe. Your listening skills are still on the poor end and lately you have issues with keeping your hands to yourself. But if I come into your room after I hear a crying Margot and ask what has happened, you will tell me without hesitating what you have done. "She took my toy, so I pushed her over," you will say. You get yourself in a lot of trouble because you take matters into your own hands. You certainly are the opposite of a tattletale.

You are becoming a better eater at mealtimes and would probably be even better if you didn't have a playmate who has trouble sitting in her seat. You like salmon because it makes you smart, you say, and even though it isn't your favorite I often feed you chicken for extra protein. For breakfast we seem to eat a lot of oatmeal, which you like with maple syrup. Lunches at school are fairly standard - almond butter and jelly sandwiches/wraps, fruit, cucumber slices and crackers. Cold pizza in your lunch is your favorite. Your favorite dinners are tofu stir fry and noodles, salmon and broccoli, Grandma Esther's Mac and Cheese, and of course Mike's olive pizza on pizza movie nights. You still enjoy your desserts but surprisingly to me I make a fraction of the amount of desserts I thought I would and we stick to something small most nights.

For your birthday this year you requested a pizza party with friends and family at Pizza Port. Just like Hudson's birthday. So... that's what we did. We invited a few boys from school and their families and indulged in a little chaos for a superhero Friday night dinner. You requested chocolate cake for the forth year in a row. This year it was a milk chocolate with ganache frosting sheet cake.

I have failed to continue to write down all of the fabulous things that come out of your mouth but there are a couple that come to mind. Recently you did something to Margot and was told by your dad to apologize. You sighed, shook your head and muttered as you walked out of your room to go and say sorry, "My dignity." Apparently you got that from Thomas the Train. You also told me that you want to be four things when you grow up. A paleontologist. A scuba diver. A police officer. And a hero.

Happy 5 years Baby Boy!


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