Thursday, November 5, 2015

Halloween was on a Saturday this year so we had a full day of festivities. In the morning we carved our pumpkin and decorated, which entailed stringing together the kid's school Halloween artwork and hanging it on the front door. I made a large pot of vegetarian chili with cornbread and toppings along with caramel to dip apples in for our family and neighbors. We took the Jude and Margot trick-or-treating for about an hour. The neighborhood was the busiest I have ever seen it. Jude and Margot both had fun ringing doorbells, collecting candy and checking out all of the spooky Halloween decorations. Poor Jude's costume ripped right down the crouch despite taking it to a seamstress the week prior. I used safety pins to make do for the night and we advised Jude not to bend down. So when we came across a few buckets of candy left on the doorstep, poor Jude couldn't bend down to get it. He also asked about half of the neighbors passing out candy if their candy had peanuts in it and then said, my sister is allergic to peanuts. I thought that was sweet. When we got back home I told the kids they could each pick out one piece of candy (not their first piece for the night). Jude picked out twizzlers and Margot selected a mini heath bar. Afterwards I took away the candy buckets, and oh boy, was there a very upset little girl. Margot was hysterical. She actually seemed more than anything, offended, like, I earned every piece of that candy, it is mine! Fortunately she calmed down and the next morning they "turned their candy in." Margot got a new pair of pink rain boots and Jude got a small C-3PO matchbox car to hold him over until his trade in request, Inside Out, came out on DVD. And so that concludes Halloween and the month of October.


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