Halloween Parade

Friday, October 30, 2015

It was Jude's third year in the preschool Halloween Parade but Margot's first walk in a somewhat cruel practice of making these small children dress up and parade around the school yard. I think I would cry too, if someone made me do that. Jude, now a seasoned professional, walked with his head high (though he wasn't allowed to wear his mask down on his face for "safety reasons"), doing the robot in his repaired vintage C-3PO costume. On Thursday morning Margot, dressed as sweet as could be, looked like she had been thrown out into a shark tank. Her mouth drawn to a pucker as she mustered up every ounce of herself not to cry. When her two laps were complete, her backed turned away from the crowd I could see her little back rise up from tears. Later that day when I picked her up from school and Jude asked her if she like the outside parade (as opposed to the children only inside parade immediately following the family watching spectacle), she put her hand up to her shoulder and declared, "Um, no!" Then in the car ride home, she told me, "a wittle bit scary Mom." Friday morning was round two and Margot did much better. She wasn't all smiles, as the photos below show, but she wasn't petrified either. Perhaps by the time she is four she will be a seasoned pro like her brother, but you never know. There were certainly a few children of different ages who clearly were NOT into this Halloween pageantry. Otherwise it was a cute way to start off tomorrow's holiday.


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