From Our End of Summer Staycation

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Ready to do a post about fall, I realized I forgot to record our quick end of the summer/before school session officially begins Staycation. The kids had the last week in August off of school and I decided we needed a break, a low-key, easy getaway. Originally we wanted to go to Palm Springs but the forecast there was just way, way too hot. So that will have to wait for a cooler long weekend away. Since the kids have been enjoying and doing so well at the beach I set out to find us a beach house to rent for a few days, rather than be trapped in a small hotel room. After much consideration we settle on taking off the work week to stay in a room with a kitchenette at The La Jolla Shores Hotel. This way, we had means to make an easy breakfast or prepare a picnic lunch but still had the amenities of a hotel and didn't have lug or set up our own gear at the beach or wash our towels at the end of the day. All in all our stay went really well and I think we made a great choice. There were many food options nearby, the kids had a great time playing at the beach and going in the "hot pool" aka the jacuzzi, and the sleeping arrangements worked out fairly well with Margot in a crib and Jude in our bed.

The first day there, right as we walked out of our hotel room, sunscreened up and ready for the beach it started to pour. We went down to the jacuzzi for a few minutes and enjoyed the rain and then decided to head over to the aquarium. In the weeks prior the kids had been learning all about the ocean and sea animals and Jude was especially excited to see all of the animals he has been learning about. He corrected me when I called the squid and octopus and pointed out the anemones with the correct pronunciation. We are already at the stage of our kids being smarter than us! Margot called every fish, Nemo and it was pretty darn cute.

Surprisingly, the kids had a great time going out to dinner at our favorite spot, Barbarella. The waitresses doted over them and they enjoyed their green olive pizza and chocolate ice cream with sprinkles. Also not to forget that Jude thoroughly enjoyed the blue cheese from my salad and most of my clams. I thought it was quite a mature pallet for a four year old.

Each day we ate sandwiches, potato chips (Jude's favorite), grapes and chocolate chip cookies at the beach. Very often they were covered in sand. Most of the nights we stayed at the beach or pool until dark. It was surely relaxing to read a book and sit back while the kids chased seagulls and dug holes. This was our first getaway with just the four of us and we surely needed it and will definitely be going back.


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