Wednesday, October 7, 2015

This week has been the perfect Fall weather, with a rainy Monday and then a few days of cool breezes and sunny skies. Unfortunately, tomorrow the temperature goes back to the awful heat we've had every other day so far this season. Even when it is hot, one of my favorite things to do is take Jude and Margot on walk at the Batiquitos Lagoon trail in the early evening when the sky has cooled off a bit and the setting sun is golden. These two can spend hours looking for sticks and making mud pies in the dirt. 

We are well into the school season and also well into our first preschool plague. I am hoping with this being our second, first year of preschool that we all have much stronger immune systems and can fight a stronger fight. Besides that, Margot is liking her time at preschool and is doing well with her teachers and friends. Jude is in his second year with his same teacher and seems to be thriving and learning more and more each day.

We are also in the process of working on Halloween. The kids have new Halloween pajamas from Nana that are right on theme (hard to tell but Margot's have black cats). Jude decided on being C-3PO for Halloween and thankfully we found an overpriced vintage costume in his size on eBay. Unfortunately it's "vintage," aka old and ripped right down the crotch. Poor guy. Hopefully a seamstress can fix it. Jude hasn't come anywhere close to watching Star Wars but for whatever the reason he is very entranced by it and for now is more than happy with his Darth Vader pajama, non violent Star Wars Golden Book and playing with his uncle's toy figurines. We were having a hard time getting Margot to commit to a costume. From Anna, to Elsa, to Anna to Elsa, to a black man to a white kitty cat... I heard about everything under the sun and then more requests for Elsa. I was afraid she would change her mind at the last minute and also imagined the cheap itchy Frozen dresses not going over well. Every chance she gets she wears her pink ballet skirt from Paris, so I thought, perhaps I can talk her into being a ballerina. I found a cute tutu and leotard costume (in a size smaller than the one below) and Nana bought her pink ballet shoes and tights from the ballet store. She seems more than pleased with her costume. So, we're part of the way there. We still need gold shoes, peanut free candy and a lot more Halloween decorations, according to Jude.

Fall around here is off to a good start! 



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