Margot at Two

Sunday, August 23, 2015


You are a sweet and sensible little girl. You have a happy and easy-going demeanor. That said, you are also quite opinionated, especially when it comes to doing things yourself or selecting your clothes. At two years old you pick out your own outfits and most of the time insist on wearing pink. “Pink,” you yell when I grab a pair of white socks for you. “Pink,” you say and nod in disapproval when you see your mom, teachers, any female really who isn't wearing pink. For that matter you insist on pink everything, from your sippy cup to your drawing paper. Jude has said, “Margot, you just want the whole world to be pink!” And Margot, you just nod your head. Not only can you not understand why the whole world can not be pink, you also can not understand why you can’t drive the car, my car, all by yourself. “Baby. Car,” you say. We had a few meltdowns over this but once I explained to you that you must be sixteen to drive a car, you now get in your carseat and hold up your fingers to count to sixteen. You’re quite a reasonable two year old.

Another unmet request of yours is to take home baby Amelia, the baby sister of one of your classmates. “Baby. Melia. Home. Nap,” you say. So instead we have named your baby doll Amelia and she sleeps with you in your crib.

At two you are a monkey. You climb and jump off of everything. Fortunately you are extremely coordinated and have very good balance. However, you still scare everyone around you while climbing onto tables, counters, electrical boxes, whatever you can. And then wanting to jump off of them. A few months back we went to our first swim lesson, which you hated and set off some major separation anxiety. So the next swim lesson, only Jude got in the water and you sat with me on the side. You noticed some of the older kids jumping off a shallow diving board. You studied them for a bit and the pointed and declared, “Fun! Fun!” Hanging from the clothes pole in the closet is also “fun.” I am predicting that if things continue the way they are you will either be an olympic gymnast or jumping out of airplanes by the time you are sixteen. 

You are also a great eater and have a very good appetite. When I call you and Jude to dinner, Jude usually pouts in the corner or ignores me. But Margot? You come running yelling, “dinner, dinner,” and pull up your seat and wait patiently for your food. At Nana and Papa’s house you climb up your highchair, like a monkey, and catapult your body over they tray and slide yourself right into your seat. And whether it be your highchair strap, grocery store strap or carseat strap, you do it your self. You feed your self. You read bed time books your self. You are a do it your self kind of girl. As far as food goes, you have things you like more than others. Right now you ask for “ammond milk” aka chocolate almond milk, since we cut out dairy milk with you already on your second cold since starting preschool in July. You like a good variety of food including oatmeal and fruit for breakfast, tuna is your favorite and most requested for lunch (though we save the stinky tuna for home and usually have sunflower butter and honey or jelly in your lunchbox) along with grapes. For the most part you won’t eat crackers or chips. Jelly beans were a big favorite for a while but have recently been replace with “bunny gummies.” For dinner you eat a good variety of healthy food including fish, pasta, vegetables, beans and rice, eggs and so on. Pizza movie nights are always a favorite and following in your brother’s footsteps, you request olive pizza. Desserts are a bit tricky, as we have to be careful with your so-called peanut allergy. We try to keep daily desserts and sugar intake to a minimum so usually it is something small - a few chocolate chips or jelly beans. Lately you have been loving pink strawberry and yogurt popsicles, which you quickly and carefully eat without dripping a single drop. However, homemade cookies, the occasional bowl of ice cream and other treats are thoroughly enjoyed. You eat every bite yourself and even know how to drink every last drop out of your ice cream bowl. Granddad would be proud!

You love going to preschool and your friends and teachers all love having you there. You have the teachers all wearing pink and have one teacher that you are especially fond of. I’ve been told that you are rule follower and will shake your finger at the children who are engaging in something naughty. You bring the children tissues when they cry for their parents at drop off and offer hugs as well. I have also been told you love the music and dance time and can do all of the song hand motions extremely well. You know all of your colors and we are still working on the alphabet and numbers.

Overall you couldn’t be any more different from your brother. The areas that were/are hard with Jude aren’t hard with you. Yesterday you got the hiccups. I cringed. Jude cries and whines when he has the hiccups. But Margot? You started laughing. You thought it was funny. When you fall you rarely cry. You are a tough one. On the other hand, Jude did not color on the walls, watercolor up his arms, drag a chair around the house to get into things, as you frequently do. You are the kind of kid who is going to chop off your barbie’s hair, and probably your own for that matter.

I could go on and on. You are a happy go lucky girl and you are a joy to be around. 

Last little story to remember here… You like to go to “the potty,” or really go through the motions of it all. You do it all yourself of course. You get the stool out, you climb up and gracefully hop down, you use a piece of toilet paper in hand to flush the toilet, but the best part is, that you now point at us and demand, “Pivacy! Pivacy!”



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