Turning Four

Monday, June 8, 2015

May 20, 2015:


We had a fairly typical Wednesday and woke up to leftover pancakes from the weekend and a birthday banner at the breakfast table. As requested we walked, scratch that we were running late so we ran to school, with granola bar treats in hand for you and your classmates. After school we had our usual routine of snack and wind down before nap/quiet time. We read a new Curious George Birthday book before naps and went over to Nana and Papa's house after nap time for a couple more presents, Fish 101 to go (you had fish and chips) and a cinnamon roll birthday cake. It was a mellow day since Daddy was away for work, but you were a happy boy with all of your birthday treats spread throughout the week.

Here at four years old Jude, you are a smart, intense, curious, loving and energetic little boy. Your verbal capabilities go much beyond your years. You are more detail oriented than anyone I know, catching the smallest change of things, ranging from new hand soap in the kitchen to a change in color of the coat on a Disney character. Some days you are like a wild ping pong ball bouncing from one bad idea to the next, pushing and testing everything and everyone. You know how to be well behaved and well mannered and more often than not you are these things, but you want things the way you want them and speak up and loudly when things aren't your exact way. You still like to be naughty just for the sake of it, and you tell us so.

You are a wonderful big brother and you surprise us daily with your kind and caring ways. You share your beloved toys with Margot and for the most part play and get along quite well. The two of you are quite opposites in personality, which is perhaps why you make a good pair. When it comes to mealtimes you are the world's slowest eater, who still has to be told, coaxed and convinced to take bites, while your sister is finished eating sometimes before you take your first bite. However, you do a good job eating your food even if it's not your favorite, especially since what you really want is dessert. Pancakes breakfasts are your regular weekend request and cinnamon rolls are your favorite special treat. Your favorite fruits are strawberries and grapes. Your lunch typically includes a sunflower butter and jelly sandwich or wrap, fruit and pretzels. Sometimes we mix things up. Your favorite dinner treat is pizza movie night and you order cheese pizza with black olives. A leftover slice of cold pizza sometimes makes its way into your lunch as well. You love to go out to eat, but with circus show that we are, that is an occasional thing. You like tofu stir fry, macaroni and cheese, Mexican food, if it isn't too spicy among much else. You're favorite vegetables are roasted carrots, mushrooms, broccoli, and cucumbers. For a little boy who would rather play than eat, you are a good eater. You will even eat your salmon and vegetables if you know you get to have dessert afterwards. You love your dessert. A good piece of chocolate or See's is top choice.

One time recently when I dropped you off at school you told me something along the lines of, "Mommy, I don't want to go to school. I want to stay home and eat chocolate and watch TV all day long." Well, don't we all. You do love your movies and TV characters. We still try to keep the breadth of what you watch to a minimum because with each new program you then want books to read and figurines to reenact the story. You're current favorites include Toy Story, Planes, Cars, old classic Disney movies, Curious George, Cat and the Hat and Mickey Mouse.

Nap times are becoming less and less frequent and instead you have "quiet time" in your room while Margot naps. Usually you come out of your room a few times to go to the bathroom and ask if nap time is over, but otherwise you do a pretty good job staying in your room and play with your toys for about two hours.  You play with legos, cars, trains, Toy Story characters, books and much else. I think this is good opportunity for you to have alone time and spark your creativity.

The period after nap time hasn't changed much since before you were two - you beg to go outside and play with your best friend Hudson. Usually a couple times a week we play outside with Hudson and the neighborhood kids. Sometimes we go for a hike or to the park or have an errand or something else to do.

You are becoming long and lean and the toddler belly is a thing of the past. As I type this I believe you are wearing size 18 month shorts, but most of your clothes are 2 or 3T. You are a petite little guy. Your blonde curly hair attracts everyone and you certainly get more compliments on this than anything else. You request to wear your rubber Hunter rain boots wherever we go, no matter what the weather. For the most part you wear what is chosen for you and have only a few items you refuse to wear. If you want to wear a cape, your pajama shorts or a mask to Grandma's house it is fine by me.

We love you more and more Jude boy! Happy four years!



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