Jude Sayings...

Wednesday, February 18, 2015

A few snapshots from my phone's notes, collecting the wonderful array of words that come out of Jude's mouth in the past six month. There may be a few less appropriate things that have been said that I am choosing to not include.

Since I am on the subject of speech, Margot on the other hand is rather content on pointing and grunting, however she has a few words she likes to say on a regular basis, like tuna, which she randomly calls both tuna and cheese. She does like to say everyone's names, well almost everyone. She is pretty stubborn about not saying Dada, which Jude unintentionally says quite cruelly, "Its because she doesn't love you." Pa, RaRa, Nana, Mama and Jude are all on regular request. Today however, Margot said three new words - Grandma, cart, and kitty-cat. I was very surprised.

Well... without further adieu....


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