Sunday, November 9, 2014

This year's Halloween went much more smoothly than last year's. Maybe it's because I'm learning from one year to the next or maybe we just lucked out or perhaps I have learned to keep expectations extremely low. Gone are the days of chili from scratch simmering over the stove and making homemade caramel to dip in sour green apples and jarring up peanut caramel popcorn for neighbors and friends. Jude and I (mostly just I) managed to make a batch of chocolate roll out cookies in the shapes of pumpkins earlier in the week and on Halloween Eve we went on a long overdue mother and son date for an after school cupcake. Otherwise we had much fewer treats this year in order to keep the calm.

Halloween morning Jude we all went to Jude's school parade, which was a proud and shy prance from last year's tears. After a typical morning and afternoon, Jude and I carved a traditional happy face on our pumpkin and then everyone, yes everyone, got dressed up. Surprisingly to report I agreed to throw on an old dress from high school to be the sidekick for Johnny Cash. Jude barely squeezed into his Curious George costume and Margot did an excellent job wearing her yellow hat. I thought that for sure she was going to refuse that one. I made grilled cheese sandwiches for the kids for dinner (without burning my knuckles as I did last year) and then we headed out for the last hour of the neighborhood Halloween party with a live reptile show for the kids. Margot, however, was unimpressed and spent most of her time trying to ride Hudson's police motorcycle. Only a little sister would want to do that. We figured that after the party one parent would stay home and pass out candy with Margot (since last year our basket and candy were stolen off our porch) and the other parent would take Jude trick-or-treating. But to all of our surprise, Margot not only wanted to go trick-or-treating but did a really good job walking with us and going door to door to collect candy. She didn't want to put the candy in her bucket and instead left a trail of candy from her fist behind her, but all in all was a very good little trick-or-treater. We were home by seven, gave the kids showers and put Margot to bed. Jude got to stay up late and sample a few pieces of candy and have tomato soup, grilled cheese sandwiches and pickles with mom and dad. We didn't manage to light our pumpkin and merely put out a lovely pile of Halloween candy on our doorstep for the other trick-or-treaters, but otherwise it was a successful holiday.

Our doctor's office was running a program that for every pound of candy a child turned in they would in turn receive a dollar. All month long I told Jude he could turn his junky candy in for money and pick out a new toy. Monday's exchange date was of course too long of a wait, so on Saturday Jude's quarter full pumpkin bucket of candy was turned into mom and dad for a trip to Target and a $25 pack of plastic Paw Patrol dogs... but so be it.


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