1 year old!

Tuesday, August 12, 2014

Dear Margot,

This first year of your life flew by! Although this was most certainly not an easy year, it was a year filled with joy because of your presence. You are sweet. You are happy. You are patient. You are a pleasure to be around. Your eleventh month was an exceptionally hard one - another cold, another ear infection and another round of horrible antibiotics, but we have all made it through and after some quality sleep training thanks to your Daddy, 12 months is off to a much better start. You finally sleep in your crib and your crib is finally in your room. We are all much happier now that you know how to put yourself asleep.

You love to eat my dear! The introduction of foods has been slow but now that you are feeling well and strong you love to eat and love to feed yourself. You're quite the independent eater. Fruit, especially banana, is your favorite. If you don't like what is in front of you to eat, you turn around and point at the fruit bowl. You like baked goods (healthy muffins and grain pancakes), freshly cooked vegetables, pasta noodles, pretzels, cheese, rice, tofu... and of course you loved your banana birthday cake with cream cheese frosting.

You're walking everywhere and getting into everything. You are quick and strong and smart. You go right to many of the same things Jude did - light switches, the bottom flap on the washing machine and the kitchen cupboards.

The only real words you say are Mama and Dada. You point and make noises to communicate your wants and wishes.

You're a little leery of Jude and for good reason. He is often times too rough with his hugs and kisses and sometimes pushes you over for taking one of his toys. We're working on sharing. You clearly have been watching and studying your brother for the past year as trains, trucks and planes seem to be of great interest to you. When Jude sings the theme song to Planes you throw your hands up in the air like you are flying a plane. We think it's pretty adorable. But your favorite activity seems to be dancing. Besides pointing at the fruit bowl at mealtimes, you also point to the record player that we got you for your birthday. You pull your arms up and shake your torso. We also think this is pretty darn cute too.

Happy one year baby girl!




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