Radiator Springs

Monday, June 16, 2014

Better late than never... a few photos from our Disneyland day trip. We debated taking Jude to Disneyland for quite some time and ultimately decided to take him to the new Adventureland Park as part of his birthday present. Two parks in one day sounded like too much for our little family and there was no way we were going to Disneyland and missing out on Jude's favorite movie, Cars. Jude got to ride the tractors, eat lunch at Flo's Cafe, meet Red the Firetruck, Mater, Lightning McQueen and DJ. We also managed to snag what felt like the last set of Tipping Tractor Toys in the entire park. And half of the reason we went to Disneyland was because it was on the birthday request list to get "Tipping Tractors like Hudson." The boys shared a churro and we took turns going on a few rides. Margot was a trooper. All and all it was a good first trip to Disneyland. It is now on an equal playing field as Target as Jude's favorite place on earth.


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