Eight months old!

Friday, April 4, 2014

Oh, eight months is a good age! I think I'd keep a squishy sweet eight month baby around always if I could.


At eight months you sit happily on a blanket and play with a box of blocks or a few toys for good stretches of time. Of course, your favorite is playing in your brother's room. Somehow you know which toys are Jude's favorites. You can't exactly crawl yet, but you can roll around and somehow make it across the room if your heart desires. Recently you learned to get into a sitting position from laying on the floor. You also like eating food in your high chair for short amounts of time and prefer to feed yourself chunks of food rather than be fed purées from a spoon. Actually you just take the spoon in hand and feed yourself. Favorite foods are sweet potatoes, carrots, apple slices and bread. We've been fairly slow and conservative in giving you new foods to try. You like to babble and say goo-goo, ga-ga and da-da. You tilt your head to the side and give us big ear to ear grins when you're happy. You are still a terribly un-independent sleeper. You love your brother but do not enjoy the cow tipping or when he's a little rough. You're just starting to have a little separation anxiety, mostly in the evenings when I take a quick shower. You watch, you observe, and you take it all in. You are still a happy and sweet little girl. Happy 8 months!


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