Somewhere between 5 and 6 months

Tuesday, January 28, 2014

To Margot,

I started this post weeks ago Miss Margot, when you were five months old. But now you are closer to six. Driving home from the grocery store last week I had a mini freak out that I forgot your six month birthday. As usual whenever I put you in the baby bjorn carrier when we go out to run errands, I get slightly annoyed because just about everyone stops me to say hi to you, ask your name, your age, etc... and I am not exaggerating. Everyone wants to say hi. Young, old, man, woman. And if you have a hat or hood on, well then... Even the grumpy ones want to say hi. And sometimes we just don't have the extra time. But anyway, I was feeling a little guilty while driving home because I wasn't as friendly as I thought I could be to the 10th lady who chased me down to ask your age and tell me that she has a new grandchild, when it dawned on me that you aren't the five and half months I said you are- you are six months old. Which means that I forgot your half birthday! I forgot your half birthday on the 20th! I came home and told everyone and felt a little horrible that I was so wrapped up in my own problems that I forgot your half birthday, while Jude got a chocolate soufflé cake on his. Luckily, Miss Margot your grandmother is much smarter and much more well rested than your mommy and reminded me that your half birthday would be on February 4th since you were born on the 4th and not the 20th after all. Oops! So thankfully, we have another week to decide what type of cake we will be having for your half birthday.

So then, let's talk about you at 5 and 3/4 months...You're still the sweetest little girl despite having one minor sickness after the next. You can thank your big brother for the croup and cold this past week, but the rash on your body we're still trying to figure out. I've been trying just about everything to keep you healthy and well but many days I'm feeling quite defeated. Otherwise you are a happy little girl. You are patient for your turn, especially when waiting for me to get you out of your car seat as I tend to Jude. You get the biggest smile on face when you see me and know that it's your turn. Last weekend I went out and bought you a walker, which you love. You sit in it for quite awhile and play with and chew your different toys. Your current favorite is banging a hard plastic monkey rattle that your Aunt Cousin Liz bought for baby Jude. You love slamming that thing as hard as you can. In the past month you had your first few foods- avocado followed by rice cereal, then sweet potatoes and this week, your not so favorite spinach. I'm wondering if it's the new foods that are contributing to your rash- but it could be this everlasting hot weather combined with sensitive skin. Last week the doctor thought it might be eczema... but who really knows? Despite being a good sweet baby, you have got to be the world's worst sleeper. You refuse to sleep by yourself - even for a minute. Though sometimes you'll sleep in the car. You've given up your pacifier, which leaves me totally exhausted. Every night (like tonight) I lay with you while you sleep and though it can be frustrating, I am trying to embrace it and remind myself that soon will come the day that you want to sleep in your own big girl bed (let's hope) or at your friend's house. Cuddling with me will no longer be your favorite past time, so I am trying to enjoy our every night all night dates. If I'm remembering correctly you're a little more complicated and difficult of a baby compared to your brother, but that's probably just a girl thing, right? Mostly you're a joyful baby girl who loves to be tickled and really loves watching and interacting with your older brother. I can't wait to see the two of you together as you get older. And that's about it... for now.

Your Mommy


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