Oh Christmas!

Saturday, January 4, 2014

Christmas, oh Christmas! What can I say? I think Valentine's Day is my favorite holiday. Nevertheless here are a few good things about the holiday that I want to remember ...

Jude gave Margot a Tinkerbell doll for Christmas (his own idea) and I thought that was about the sweetest thing. 
Margot gave Jude Miss Sally.
More or less, Jude waited patiently all month long for his Thomas, which Santa brought for him along with a small train set, a little wood table and a new Thomas DVD.
Santa brought Margot a new handmade doll, Madeline book and pajamas.
Mommy and Daddy gave Margot pink moccasins and gave Jude blue hiking boots.
Hanging a wreath between the windows was a very good idea.
This Baked French Toast recipe was the easiest thing to make for brunch and will definitely be made again.
The table looked very nice, especially with a few pretty pink peonies from Chris for our anniversary.
Taking down the dead Christmas tree and all the decorations (minus that pretty wreath) on Christmas night was also a good idea. 
And most importantly, that everyone was healthy (enough) to spend the day together.

Until next year Christmas....


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