New Year's Resolutions and Other Things to Remember

Wednesday, January 15, 2014

I wrote this post last week (on my phone) but am delayed in posting due to a round of the stomach flu. When are we ever going to be healthy? Anyway...
I'm writing this at 3 am. After a few diaper changes my mind is too active and 
the baby girl is busy kicking for me to fall back asleep. So perhaps if I write 
this down I'll clear up my thoughts and go back to sleep. 
My New Year's resolution this year is to slow down. I think it's a very fitting 
and a very good goal for the year ahead. As many people add to dos and 
accomplishments I feel that as an overachieving perfectionist I need to do just 
the opposite. I can't push pause on this baby button. Margot got to the good old 
age of five months in a blink of an eye and it's all going much too fast. With 
another blink she'll be telling me out of the blue, "Mommy, I having a hard 
day." "Why are you having a hard day Jude," I ask. "Because Daddy is playing 
with Miss Margot." "You're having a hard day because Daddy is in the other room 
playing with Margot?" I ask to clarify. Without a tear or whine of complaint, 
Jude says, "yes." What? As my bother pointed out, most adults don't even 
understand the psychology of their own feelings well enough to articulate that. 
So while others plan trips, clean out closets, try to loose ten pounds, make big 
career goals and be productive and all of that, I am going to resist the urge to 
multitask (though certainly it will be somewhat inevitable) and try to slow down 
and be present and not ten steps ahead doing five things at once. As Jude likes 
to say, "slow downnnnn Thomas." 
There are so many cliche statements that have been ringing so very true lately. 
Like you don't ever have your health. It's something that can be taken away no 
matter how healthy one may or may not be. Being grateful and aware of one's 
fortunes is so very important. I am very aware of my own. Being happy is a 
choice and comes from focussing on the things and people you do have in your 
life rather than giving your energy to all the things you don't. And with my 
goal for this year (and the following ones too) I remind myself not to take my 
health and the people in my life for granted. Be present and not preoccupied 
with other nagging less important things. So that's my resolution in more words 
than less and hopefully by writing this all down I can come back and reread and 
check back in... Because what was my resolution last year? 
And one more thing to remember... Stop cooking fish! It stinks up the whole damn 


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