Some Halloween Photos

Friday, November 8, 2013

I'll want these photos in years to come - this hodgepodge of cell phone photos from Margot's first Halloween. I'll have forgotten that the day prior I forgot Jude's red bandana at my parent's house, but thankfully my mom drove it over. I'll probably remember that Jude and Margot looked adorable that first morning (of our two day celebration), but maybe I'll forget that they looked this adorable. I included a shot of us in the kitchen - it's not the best photograph for sure, but I don't want to forget the nice moment we had in the kitchen, baking (and eating) chocolate shaped pumpkin cookies after school. Next year I might wonder what did we do last year, did we take the kids trick-or-treating at my parent's? Remember... we did a practice round the evening prior. That's right, when Jude was so upset because he didn't understand why he couldn't eat his entire See's chocolate ghost. And on the actual day of Halloween I won't want to forget how confident Jude walked in his cowboy boots, and that I dressed Margot in Jude's old jack-o-lantern onesies. I'll want to forget that our night was kind of strange - that I burnt my knuckles making Jude a grilled cheese sandwich before we went trick-or-treating. Of course I'll want to forget the the frustrating moments, but surely I'll want to remember these the good ones. I especially won't want to forget how wonderful of a time Jude had trick-or-treating and that he has asked many nights since to go again.


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