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Friday, November 8, 2013

Baby Margot.

My favorite unguilty pleasure right now - a chai tea and regular croissant, alongside some pretty white roses that made me happy all weekend and week.

Learning the important things in life - the different types of candy. Jude asks for a treat from his pumpkin bucket, then dumps out his candy on the rug, he carefully goes through each piece and even  remembers what I have told him about the different ones. "dis one choco peanut butter" "dis one sour."  I try to help him pick out a piece I think he will like and each time whatever piece he is eating is his favorite. It's completely civilized and the whole things is just pretty darn cute. 

Jude loves watching Breakfast at Tiffany's and it couldn't make me happier. He holds his yellow car that he calls his taxi and asks where the taxi driver is going after he drops off Audrey. He tells me that she is eating a chocolate croissant, sings to Moon River and loves watching the cat. We woke up extremely early on Sunday morning of Day Light Savings, or whatever the longest day of the year is called, and I asked Jude if he wanted to watch Sesame Street but he asked to watch "Audrey" instead. I can't argue with that. So Jude watched Audrey and I made banana muffins and the whole morning was kind of romantic if you ask me.

Miss Margot at 3 months old - oh, what a doll this little girl is. She really is as sweet as she looks. And I sure do love her in the new little grey sweater that Nana gave her. She's been funny lately... come 7 o'clock in the evening she is done. Done with the day; done with our loud household, especially her noisy brother. She rubs her little eyes and is ready for her bath and PJs. She and Jude couldn't be any more different of babies. Jude hated having a bath, but Margot loves it. She closes her eyes in delight.


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