This weekend

Sunday, October 27, 2013

This weekend wasn't like last weekend. Things felt much harder this weekend. Plans got changed. People got sick. Meltdowns occurred. Expectations were high, I think. Maybe they were a bit too high. It's frustrating when you want things to go a certain way and they just don't. But at the end of the day when there is finally enough quiet to think, it's time to brush away the frustrations and instead, focus on the good things. The happy moments. The giggles from the spoon on your nose trick, a sweet baby girl wrapped tight in her bath towel and a couple of handsome boys at the pumpkin patch. So, I take it back... this weekend was a good weekend too. We celebrated a very important birthday on Friday, we watched a new movie for "family movie night" on Saturday and we picked out a very nice pumpkin at the pumpkin patch on Sunday. This was a good weekend too.


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