A good weekend

Saturday, October 26, 2013

I wrote this post on Wednesday and was about to add some photos when Jude woke up with a awful case of croup and so the computer was put away and then the next day I woke up achy and sick myself... so here we are already at another weekend, but oh well, better late than never ...

We had a good weekend... this past weekend. And it feels like a long time since we've had one of those. Previous weekends have felt, well... hard, stressful even, filled with meltdowns and many lessons learned what not to do. This past weekend, however, was different. Saturday morning started in search for a pumpkin patch (unfortunately we only found a very boring over-priced pumpkin lot), so instead we ventured over to the botanical gardens to put that family membership of ours to good use. The parking lot, which is normally fairly empty, was packed with enthusiastic plant lovers, because apparently it was their annual plant sale, but we lucked out and found a spot and killed an hour before heading to lunch. Lunch was also lucky, because, well, sometimes our favorite organic taco stand has a line out the door and since we can't realistically wait in a line out the door with a two year we have to just drive on by. (That's what being on the food network will do to you.) But I guess everyone was at the plant sale because there wasn't one person in line. So we ate (without any meltdowns mind you) and it was actually our first lunch outing as a family of four and it was a complete success. The rest of the day continued on well (minus grocery shopping at Jimbo's ...  all of the plant sale enthusists ventured over to the Jimbo's sale and yes, it was the very same people). Then Sunday ... Sunday was another good day. Actually Sunday was a really good day because our beloved Darshan opened back up after a two week vacation. So Jude, Margot and I took a drive down the foggy coast (while Dad cleaned the house) and sat in the welcomed cold weather and had ourselves a couple of chocolate croissants and a hot chai tea (which is made without star anise by the way) and all was right with world. Jude was such a well behaved boy that we hit up Target on our way home for Halloween candy, a plastic pumpkin bucket and a new toy. The new toy was Guido and Luigi from our new favorite movie. And after a quick Sunday nap we went to Nana and Papa's for some swimming and a healthy and delicious dinner. It was a really nice weekend that was packed with activities and productivity. Hopefully there will be many more of these kind of weekends to come.


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