September Update

Friday, September 20, 2013

How is it already the middle/endish of September? Let's catch up in photos, shall we?

From top to bottom:

Jude's first day back to school in his new neon yellow baseball shirt and black high top converse.

Margot and cuddling.

Playing in his room and clothes mail delivery.

Margot and view from above.

A handsome boy dressed just like his dad.

Sleeping babies.


Margot and Jude waiting for Daddy to come home.

Can't keep his hands off of her. 

Walking to school and baby ruffles.

It's been a quick couple of weeks in which we went back to preschool, survived our first "week" without Daddy and had a boring weekend stuck at home with a family of four cold. Currently we watch the Sandlot quite often and go to school daily. "No preschool" in the morning is followed up with "No go home" in the afternoon. We acquired Jessie and Bullseye and are working on Halloween costumes this far in advanced. We are all exhausted from lack of sleep and nighttime coughs sure don't help. Besides that, we are starting to settle (as much as we can) into a bit of a routine and are functioning at a level only slightly below normal (provided we don't go out in public). Margot grows every day and Jude gets visibly smarter every other minute. So, continue on September....


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