Jude's Verbal Report

Monday, September 16, 2013

Jude, the things that have been coming out of your mouth lately have been down right amazing. Your vocabulary, though always impressive, has really taken off the past month. You are putting together all sorts of sentences and are starting to really express your thought, wants and ideas. Let me see if I can remember them all...

Commonly heard phrases:
"I so excited."
"Buy more, Jimbos."
"Whada you talkin about?"
"It not working," said when things aren't going your way.
"Jude try."
"Jude drive Mommy's car."
"You know the rules."
"Little tiny baby" said in a quiet squeaky voice.
"Ok Mommy, I coming."

Great things said:
"I so excited eat panda bear," said while trying to convince Daddy to take you to Panda Express for lunch merely because there is a panda bear on the sign.
"Damn birds," repeating someone who shall remain nameless.
"Come on Nana, dance."
"Good boys take naps."

And your singing Hey Jude and Folsom Prison Blue is pretty darn cute too. Surely there's more...


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