Two Years Two Months

Saturday, July 20, 2013

Some things not to be forgotten at two years and two months old:

Fun things you say:
"holy moly"
"no way"
"this guy" or "that guy" when referring to an object or thing
"Mommy pick me up" when talking about preschool
"All gone. Buy more. Jimbo's."
"Annie Hall. Boring." though you've never watched it
"space boots" your word for socks
"No baby sister."
"Sit down friends." "Good bye friends." the words to a new song your learned at preschool

New things you like to do: dress up like Woody, watch Audrey Hepburn movies, dance in the car while shaking your shoulders and opening your mouth wide

Favorite song: "Mexican Lucky," also known as Get Lucky by Daft Punk, which is certainly not age appropriate

Things you're learning: cleaning up your toys and being a good clean up helper at school, starting to spell your name, knowing all your letters and singing the alphabet, counting to twenty, repeating pretty much anything said to you, sleeping in your big boy bed (with A LOT of aide), starting to get scared of things, like the "scary lady" in the TV, aka your reflection

Favorite foods: chocolate chips, dried fruit, especially dried cherries, beans and rice, apple juice, cheddar bunnies, almond butter "peanut butter" and jelly, guacamole, chocolate croissants 


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