First Week of Preschool

Saturday, July 6, 2013


To say that your first week of preschool had it's ups and downs would be an understatement. The first day went great and you absolutely loved it. You were so excited and ready to go and your teachers told us that you had a great first day without any tears. You brought your new space rocket lunchbox and wore a new for-preschool shirt (aka one that is okay to get destroyed with paint and glue) and even got your very own cubby. The second day was a bit more tough and you had a hard time leaving Mommy and told us you didn't want to go to preschool. To make things even harder Mommy had your car seat in her car and Daddy was scheduled to pick you up. So when Daddy pulled up on his bike and you were in the play yard peering out and saw Daddy ride by, you lost it and got quite upset, which in turn caused the other kids to start crying as well. All your classmates with the exception of one little girl, who apparently was in the corner sleeping, were in tears when your classroom door opened for dismissal. By day three, Friday, you were adamant - you did not want to go to preschool. You wanted to stay "home" with "Mommy." "No preschool." So there were a lot of tears dropping you off. Tears that I rarely see, so it was a bit disheartening. I made the mistake of driving by the play yard on my way out, just to see how you were doing, and poor boy, you were standing by yourself in the middle of the yard crying. It made me very sad. And then I think you saw my car, which started you up crying harder. Lessons learned - no more riding and driving by the play yard. You were crying when I picked you up and was told that you had a much tougher day than your first two. Your teacher told me that you had moments of crying as well as times of engaging happily in activities throughout the day. So what started with an up, ended with a down. And now that it's the weekend the word "preschool," upsets you instantly. "No preschool!" you demand. Hopefully over time you will become adjusted to your new schedule and will start liking preschool again. 



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