The Best Intended Plans

Monday, June 24, 2013

 The past week was the kind of week where at some point you just have to give up - throw your hands up in the air and surrender. I mean, what else can one do? The kind of week when everything you planned to do some way or another got completely derailed and everything you tried not to do happened anyway. It's been a solid seven plus days of effort followed by the thought, why, why bother, really? Especially since I'm not talking important things here - I'm talking one of those weeks where everything is just off. And after a couple of days of nonsense you wise up and say, forget the effort, forget the plans, forget dinner - I think I'll just go lay down on the couch.

I think the origins of this nonsense week started with my grandiose plans for Father's Day weekend. At first it seemed like a selfish idea to spend the night at my parent's house and have a long overdue movie night with my mom on the Friday of Father's Day's weekend, but then it seemed like the perfect weekend to give Chris and Jude their first night together alone. So the plan was set, boxed mac and cheese in a tent in the living room for the boys and dinner out and some random French movie for the girls, just down the road. But when my parent's phone rang at 9:00 pm, I knew without even looking at the caller ID that the party was over and I was headed home. Home to a little boy who threw up all over panda bear and his bed, home to a little boy who has only thrown up from the stomach flu and not for no real reason. And that was fine and I "slept" with Jude and Chris cleaned up puke til 2 am and got a real taste of unglamorous Father's Day. Fortunately Jude only threw up one more time and seemed to feel fine the next day. Chris and I felt like we had hangovers but continued to plow through not doing the plans we made for the weekend. So we sat outside Saturday and waited to give Grandpa his Father's Day card and gift, but the gift didn't arrive (it was something else in the Fed Ex box) and neither did Grandpa, because what else happens besides miscommunication with the in laws, followed by some arguing about all the shenanigans. And then I started to make more plans, plans to redo and undo everything that happened and then that moment came and I wised up and said, forget that, get in the car we're going to get a pizza on this beautiful day and sit in front of the TV for dinner. And so we did and it was actually very nice.

The derailing continued into Father's Day when we ventured out on the absolute wrong day of the year for donuts. One shop with a 45 minute line and the other just plum out of donuts and they don't sell bananas at the farmer's market, what?, and we all learned a very valuable lesson - not only is it unwise to let Laura leave the house without breakfast, it is exceptionally unwise to let pregnant Laura leave the house without breakfast. So lessons learned, we forged on an ended up having a nice lunch at our favorite organic taco spot. We headed home, the boys took naps, and later we went to Nana and Papa's for Jude and Daddy pool time, dinner and dessert. (And fortunately we learned our lesson from Mother's Day that the fish market closes early on unassuming holidays so you better get there before nap time, and that we did.) Chris liked his cards and gifts and meals, so all things considered it was fairly successful.

The rest of the week was more of the former than the latter - the latter being the successful part here. The plan was for Jude's big boy bed and furniture to arrive on Friday, his mattress to arrive days early with plenty of shipping room in the 4-7 day window, but there was some sort of "stocking issue" and the mattress was no longer coming so the furniture delivery had to be pushed back, which is all no big deal but a lot of planning and unplanning and replanning. And somewhere in the week I felt terribly sick, like first trimester I can't get off the couch or eat dinner and you should probably take Jude out of the house for a while cause I am completely dysfunctional kind of sick. But after two solid days now of a horrible soar throat I am beginning to see that this is all tied together and perhaps Jude's throwing up incident was not due to a large bowl of boxed mac and cheese but rather some kind of bug that got passed along to me. And perhaps all the furniture shenanigans happened for the best since it was just a sick out of sorts kind of week that allowed me a due over on my movie night with my mom (now that Jude had one last weekend, if plans go accordingly, contained in his crib) and a plan free weekend to catch up on the neglected and make more silly plans for the following week and weeks to come. So here we go, onto another week.


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