Sunday, June 9, 2013

Last Friday night we had movie night in our house - so that was homemade pizza (bread) and popcorn with blankets and pillows in front of the TV. Jude got to pick the movie and since his first choice was ruled out (don't even know how he knows that Batman is a on a DVD or even if he really knows what Batman is...) we watched his second choice, Toy Story 3. The pizza wasn't a huge hit with Jude but, oh boy, the popcorn sure was. It was like this kid had watched popcorn eating his whole life - he was a pro - laid on the pillows and went for one handful after the next without even glancing away from his movie.

And this Friday night was date night for Chris and I while Jude spent a few hours at Nana and Papa's house. It was the second successful attempt at a weekly date night before baby number two arrives. We went out for Italian food at an old favorite restaurant we hadn't been to in quite some time. Cheese ravioli and tiramisu hit the spot. (And I meant to take a picture... of dinner or us or something, but I forgot.)


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