Wednesday, May 29, 2013

To Jude,

Today you had your two year well-visit check-up appointment with your doctor. And you were one brave little boy. You were a little nervous at first and didn't like the idea of taking off your clothes, but quickly you warmed up and even watched the nurse prick you with little needles without shedding a tear.

To your daddy's and my disbelief you are in the 82nd percentile for height (35.75 inches) and 25th percentile (25 pounds) for weight. You're long and lean! And have a 49.5 cm round head - the 71st percentile. On the other hand it came at no surprise that your verbal and intellectual skills seem to be ahead of the curve.

So we don't forget, at two years old you...

have a very large vocabulary and can repeat almost every word you hear. You put multiple words together to create sentences, such as, "yellow big bird, papa," or "red dump truck dirt."

are doing well with pleases and thank you and when asked to say thank you will reply with a very sweet, "thank you Mommy." It melts my heart.

can point out all of the capital letters in the alphabet, know all of your colors even grey and beige, and can count along the numbers when you're in the mood.

love trucks, tractors (both toys and real ones too), Sesame Street (you know all of the characters and what color they are), whether that be watching an "Elmo episode" or brushing Big Bird's teeth, stickers (boy, do you love stickers), reading books ("Mommy, lap"), stacking blocks as high as you can get them, watching your "Toy Story DVD," playing with Honey Baby (20-50 requests a day), spending time with your all of your grandparents, hanging out with Uncle Raney, looking for rocks (though this interest has decreased a bit in the past few months, or perhaps you are just getting much more particular in your rock hunting and collecting), walking and not riding in your stroller, drumming on everything, playing the piano at Nana and Papa's, and watching Daddy play the guitar, going in the pool with Daddy and getting wet where ever you can for that matter. You also love trains and making the "choo, choo" noise, which began with watch Dumbo. You love animals, especially dogs, wearing new shoes, watering the plants, playing ball, dancing, climbing and kissing. You like to play with toys in your room, play with all the kids outside on the street, and go on daily adventures out and about. Surprisingly you like the dark and taking cold showers with Dad.

hands down, know "choco" as your favorite food. It used to be cheese, which comes in second, but chocolate is by far your most requested food. Obviously you only get it in limited quantities but you like the real stuff - even dark chocolate. If you have a chocolate chip cookie, half of the time you will only pick out the chocolate and throw the rest away. For a while now, you've been have a big glass of orange juice in the morning and then some toast with almond butter and goat's yogurt along with the fruit of the moment (you went from devouring blueberries to strawberries and now you're on to nectarine). You like avocados, which we eat daily, but love guacamole. Rice and beans are true favorite at the moment, and cheese is always a go-to. You love dried fruit - cherries, raisins and apples. You like nuts, crackers, fruit, pasta, waffles, pancakes, homemade veggie burgers, cottage cheese, quesadillas, hummus and probably more. As for vegetables you aren't really a fan but will eat peas, green beans and you still like to drink kale/apple/banana/lemon juice. You don't like potatoes much, or eggs at all. I'd say you are particular more than you are picky, and overall think you are a good eater with good eating habits for a two year old. You're drink of choice is apple juice (with water). Milk is drunk occasionally, and usually that would be the chocolate variety.

are aware of everything going on around you and get frustrated fairly easily. We're working on the headbanging that comes as a result of your frustrations. You're fairly miscevious and are sometimes very well behaved and other times extremely naughty. You are most certainly, "testing the limits." You haven't started school yet but you have assured me you are, "ready, ready." How do you know this?

I can't believe how fast these first two years of your life have gone by. You wake up from every nap a little smarter and you change a little bit every single day.


These photos are from a couple of weeks ago when you were being very naughty outside and dumped out all of Honey Baby's bubbles. I got out the hose to wash the soapy bubbles off the street which turned out to be a reward for your bad behavior. You and Baby loved getting wet and you thoroughly enjoyed washing your car. (Papa would be proud.)


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