A Morning at the Botanical Gardens

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

We were at the Botanical Garden for maybe two minutes before Jude was soaking wet, shoes and all. He dove head first into the water tub of rubber sharks and fish; then begrudgingly moved on to trains, succulent planting and a manic display of bubble blowing. He was border line out of control today, not wanting to miss a thing, running (and falling) from one activity to the next. There was a stream of boats, and more water, and a dirt pit of dump trucks and tractors that could certainly provide hours of entertainment. Surely we will get much use out of the the family membership, yet I am hoping that after a few more visits the novelty will wear off a bit and Jude will calm down so that every trip doesn't end in a meltdown. But who could blame him? He was hot, tired and thirsty, with two scraped knees and swollen feet that no longer fit in his water shoes. It took a trip to our our favorite cafe to have fresh squeezed orange juice, a chocolate croissant and a caprese sandwich to turn everyone's mood around. And thankfully after an afternoon nap at home, all craziness was forgotten (minus the "boo, boos") and we up and ready for a happier and calmer afternoon.


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